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How to Guide for Excellent Blogging

Since last few years, blogging is proved to be a good communication medium to share your thoughts, opinions, knowledge and experiences to those who can be benefited by such sharing. Blogging is widely used by all generations to reach maximum people and become popular among them. Blog is the ultimate way to express your knowledge and give opinion about the current affairs. There are some blogs that are not becoming widely accepted or not followed by as many people as expected due to lack of knowledge about blogging. Here are some tips which if followed can deliver a good blog post and can attract many of the followers as expected.

How to Guide for Excellent Blogging

  • Use your own Content: For posting in a blog, use your own content in the topic. Don’t go for any copy paste material about the topic. Posting ready made content will decrease your following. Also do try to research more and more in the topic to provide some more detailed information about the topic. As a result of which your topic will be more widely used by the others or followers for reference.
  • Don’t Post Fake or Controversial: Don’t post any irrelevant or incorrect information in your blog post. It will make your blog controversial. Avoid talking about the topics which will hurt the feelings of some group or community. Also don’t post any illegal content in your blog. It will cause rejection of your blog by many followers.
  • Use of Examples: Try to explain your point with the example. A suitable example about the topic helps in convenient explanation of the topic. So try to give simple but proper example about the topic which you wish to explain.
  • Post Regularly: As a good blogger, you are supposed to post regularly in your blog. It will help you making the discussion live and you can interact with many followers.
  • Respect Suggestions: One more positive quality of a positive blogger is he or she always respects the suggestions received by comments. It is not expected that you must be agree with the comment. But rather than arguing you can explain your point of view to the follower silently or calmly with your explanation. It will help you increase your followers and many other people will also find themselves comfortable to comment on your topic.
  • Use Simple Theme: To explain or support your topic, you can use a simple theme of explanation to reach maximum people with convenient explanation. Somewhat complex theme will prove to be not interesting in the follower’s perspective. From the past few years, mobile traffic has gain the no. of visitors so when you pick up any theme make sure it is mobile friendly (responsive theme).

    You may also like, add responsive images, embed YouTube Videos and add PDF, Doc & XLS files responsively in blogs.
  • Don't Over Optimization: Don't stuffed your article with the keywords as it will look irony and nobody want to read as well as search engines also hate it. Do SEO that favors to your blog and search engines. For a post, you can make a unique description, title and h1, h2 tags.

    If you're a Blogger user you may like, on page SEO optimization, create unique meta descriptions and swap Blogger post title for SEO.
  • Enjoy Blogging: One more important tip is not to make your blog with some serious note. Always keep your blog funny up to what you can. It will lead many other followers to participate in that blog and comment on it. Many serious issues can be explained in funny ways to reach to the group. It will lead to positive discussion during the blogging.

So following these simple tips, you can be any time good blogger and can attract the followers and make some popular blogs with many interesting topic.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Top Paying CPM Advertising Networks

1. Tribal Fusion: Tribal Fusion is one of the most popular CPM ad networks. They are popular for high CPM rates. If you get more then 500,000 unique users per month then you can apply on Tribal Fusion for publisher program.
2. Advertising: is part of AOL. Advertising is also among top CPM ads network and also one of the high paying CPM rates. To join you must have high visitors base.
3. Casale Media: Casale Media offers high CPM rates other than that they also offers fixed CPM rates. To become Casale Media publisher you must get 50,000 unique visitors each month.
4. Propeller Ads: From past few time Propeller Ads is becoming very popular ad network. Propeller Ads offers various adverting options of publisher and advertiser like Pop-Under ads, Banner ads, Mobile Adverting etc. They offer some of the best CPM rates in the industry. I have seen publisher making good money with Propeller Ads, go ahead and join them to improve your website earning.
5. Burst Media Burst Media gives you high CPM’s, quality campaigns, and full control of which ads run on your site. Your site must have minimum traffic of 25,000 monthly page views or 5,000 monthly unique views.
6. CPX Interactive: CPX Interactive was named 6th fastest growing privately held US advertising company in 2008 by Inc. Magazine for their annual list of corporate success stories. They deliver true scalability and transparency.
7. Technorati Media: the largest social media advertising network. With deep agency and client relationships, they deliver targeted campaigns from top brands at high CPM. Tenorati media has tie ups with many companies including Google, MSN, Yahoo!, IGN, Hearst, CNET, Tribal Fusion, Washington Post, and Time Inc.
8. BannerConnect: BannerConnect has been an expert on automated ad trading since 2004 and was one of the first companies in the world active on an ad exchange.
9. ValueClick Media: ValueClick Media is the premier Internet advertising network for publishers who wish to earn the most for their available inventory. You get the complete control over your advertisements along with quality advertising and superior support.
10. Adtegrity:, Inc. is an online advertising network with reach into over 30 vertical content channels specifically segmented for maximum impact with advertiser campaigns. For the publisher, the company follows the criteria that you need to have minimum 500,000 page views per month and your 50% traffic must originate from U.S. Moreover your site should reside at a top level domain name that you own or control without any unlicensed material.
11. AdPepper: ad pepper media is one of the leading, independent international online advertising marketers. You can collaborate with ad pepper and can get comprehensive set of opportunities to market online presence profitably, whether national or international in scope. The company also offers weekly payouts.
12. adBrite: adBrite is the largest independent ad exchange, reaching 300 million global unique visitors every month, including more than 150 million in the U.S. adBrite’s Exchange provides a yield management solution with advertisers being ranging from small local companies to world-wide advertising agencies. adBrite makes it easy for you to have access to thousands of advertisers with minimal effort. It supports different ad formats and provides publisher, the full control and account management.
13. Vibrant Media: Vibrant is the world leader in premium contextual technology aligning billions of words across the Internet. It has over 6,000 premium publishers, reaching over 250 million unique users per month, Vibrant offers publishers premium editorial tools to re-circulate users throughout their websites. You can gain incremental revenue through relevant display advertising and moreover, Vibrant InterestAD (VIA) are targeted based on words bought by brand advertisers, not by site with easy implementations.
14. Axill: Axill is one of the fastest growing publisher networks. Axill provides a complete solution for publishers to generate huge revenue from their websites by offering the best offers. You get the quality advertisers and you can track them with easily. You can earn effective CPMs possible and get paid on net 30 via Moneybookers or Wire Transfer.
15. Clove Network: Clove Network is an ad network that delivers services to thousands of high quality publishers. Clove network has a wide range of ad formats and solutions with flexible and transparent pricing model. They campaign top brands with optimized technology.

16. Adify:
Adify owned by Cox Digital Solutions provides compelling solutions connecting advertisers with engaged users and publishers with quality brands. Company has built a suite of publisher services that maximize ad revenue and allow for greater operating efficiencies. The company allows you to increase ad revenue, extend your reach, or take advantage of our industry-leading end-to-end platform.

The Top 12 CPM Ad Networks For Your Website

It’s known that one of the best ways of generating passive income for yourself is by monetizing your blog or website. All the hard work that you put in to make your website popular, not only pays off, but also keeps earning you money month after month.
There are several types of website advertisements that you can experiment with, each having its own set of benefits and limitations.
There are ads which pay you for clicks, and ones that pay you for actual purchases. There are ads which pay you for number of videos played, and there are even ads which reward you for successful email collection from the visitor.
In our experience, unless you have a highly dedicated readership and a great click-through rate, the best ads to run are ones which pay your for impressions. Also known as CPM, these ads pay your for every thousand people that your website serves the ad to.
For websites that attract a lot of visitors, CPM ads can prove to be very lucrative despite lower payouts when compared to CPC and CPA ads.
Here’s a list of 12 CPM ad networks which offer some of the highest payouts in the industry:

1. BuySellAds

With no minimum traffic requirements, BuySellAds is a great choice for website owners who have just started out.
Now you can make sure that the few hundred visits on your site do not go to waste and earn you money over the long-term. And as your traffic grows, so will your earnings.
BuySellAds offers you 75% of the revenue they get from the advertisers. They also let you get the money you have earned on demand. Just put in a request and you can get your payment in the next 2-3 days. The only condition is that you can only request payments twice a month.
Payout thresholds are incredibly generous as well, and you can get a payment on your PayPal for just $20. Payment options for cheques and online wire are also offered and entail a minimum payment threshold of $50 and $500 respectively.
Ads are available in a lot of sizes, can be customized for specific size needs, and are Google AdSense compatible.
While you work on your websites until it is ready to be approved by AdSense, BuySellAds is the perfect way to generate that little extra revenue.


An AOL venture, offers you CPM as well as revenue share ads. Its rates for CPM ads are pretty impressive, but if your website has a high CTR, then its RevShare ads can be the ideal way to monetize your blog and rake in a lot of money as well.
advertising 1
The platform represents a whopping 92 of the top 100 Ad Age listed advertizers. Getting approved is a little tough as AOL only accepts websites which have a monthly traffic of 500,000 or more.
You can start getting paid as soon as you have earned $25, and payments can be withdrawn through PayPal, cheque or even wire transfer.

3. Conversant Media

Formerly known as ValueClick Media, Conversant has publishers who are industry leaders for domains as varied as telecom, automobile, pharmaceutical, and retail.
Conversant Media does not put forth a lot of requirements, and you can start using it to serve ads even if you do not get a lot of traffic.
You can start cashing out as soon as you have earned $25, which can be collected through PayPal, or have a cheque mailed your address.
Although the company follows a NET 60 payment model, most users report that they start getting payments within 25 days.

4. Criteo

Criteo has quickly gained traction and become a top earner for website owners everywhere. With over 740 billion ads served in 2014 alone and an impressive 7800+ advertisers across the globe, Criteo is placed perfectly to offer website owners ads with high CPM and great conversions.
Criteo sees an astonishing 96% renewal of service agreements by advertisers due to its ability to generate greater revenue for its clients.
This effectively translates into more earnings for publishers who get regularly benefit from greater revenues than what the competitors are offering.

5. RadiumOne

RadiumOne pioneered social media as an advertising tool and is a highly popular CPM ad platform which you can use to monetize a wide range of content. It works with texts, images as well as video content and is optimized to target desktop as well as mobile users.
radium one 132555
Payments are made every second week, and you must earn $100 to be eligible for a payout. Once you start generating revenue through RadiumOne, you can request payment either through, PayPal, wire transfer, or through a cheque addressed to your name.

6. Collective Display

Collective Display is a great platform for publishers who are looking for CPM ads. The company has a number of popular news networks as its clients and offers publishers a chance to display text, image and video ads on their websites.
The ability to customize ads for best results, and experiment with almost a dozen different types of ads makes Collective Display a superb choice for webmasters who want to display ads on their websites while also ensuring a high degree of control over the kind of ads that show up on the website.

7. Exponential (formerly called Tribal Fusion)

Tribal Fusion is an Exponential Interactive subsidiary, and is well-known for continually improving its advertising services to offer its clients and publishers even better results.
With a minimum 500,000 monthly views, and 5000 daily unique visitor requirements, Exponential is a hard ad network to get into.
Benefits of joining Exponential include lucrative rates for CPM ads as well as CPA ads, and a lot of different ad types to choose from, which help you find the perfect ads for your website.
Payments are made at 45 days interval and can be collected through a cheque or PayPal.
Highly targeted ads translate into higher revenues for your website, making it a superb choice for niche websites with large readership.

8. Technorati Media

Technorati is preferred by pro bloggers and has a vast network of ad publishers who use the platform. It also happens to be the largest social media ad network in the world and is perfect for websites which get a lot of traction of social network.
They are a reputed ad platform and offer highly targeted ads which are also great for increasing conversion ratios.
When you serve ads through Technorati, you need to maintain exclusivity, which may be a deal-breaker for some. If you get a lot of visitors, but AdSense isn’t working for you, then Technorati can be the perfect alternative.

9. Adtegrity

Niche bloggers will appreciate the superb range of verticals that Adtegrity caters to. With over 30 verticals to choose from, the ads tend to be better targeted.
50% of the website’s monthly traffic must originate from the US, and you also need 50,000 monthly visitors to be eligible for Adtegrity.

10. Clove Networks

Transparent pricing, and access to CPM as well as CPA, CPC, CPI and CPL ads makes Clove Networks attractive for seasoned webmasters who like to experiment with a lot of ad types.
The greatest benefit you get with Clove Networks is the expertise of their team which manually selects ads based on your website for the perfect match every time.
clove networks
Prices may vary from one ad to the other, but the transparent model makes sure that you get a fair share for the ones that your website displays to your visitors.
Payment options include PayPal and cheques, making it convenient to cash out when you have earned a substantial amount through the service.

11. Amobee

Amobee has been on a buying spree in the last two years and has acquired popular CPM ad networks like Kontera and AdConion. What this means is that Amobee is already a better option for you than Kontera, which we featured on our list last year.
amobee 1

If you are a popular publisher with thousands of impression per month, then you will love the potential for revenue generation that Amobee brings to the table.
As with all the leading ad networks, Amobee also lets you get paid using PayPal or cheque.

12. AdBlade Network

AdBlade lets you publish ads on your website for paid content for some of the top brands out there. The niche of the product makes it a lucrative market to tap into, and you get a high CPM rate for your efforts.
AdBlade also caters to the needs of a number of verticals, so finding ads which your audience will like and therefore click on, is easier.
adblade 1
Your website should generate a minimum of 500,000 visitors per month to be accepted by AdBlade. Such a high number means that most rising bloggers and newly created websites will find the ad network too exclusive.
For those who do qualify, they will be displaying ads to websites like Fox News, and Yahoo! and getting paid very well for it.
Payments get credited to your PayPal after 30 days if they are over $100, and you can run AdBlade ads alongside AdSense without any problems.
If you create quality content, there are more than one ways to monetize it. Google AdSense may be the most reliable tool out there, but if you just can’t get your website approved by Google, or want to earn a little extra cash, then these 13 CPM Ad networks help you do just that.

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Top 10 MailChimp Alternatives for Marketing

In the world of tissues, Kleenex is indisputably the king. You can use the words “tissue” and “Kleenex” interchangeably, much like the phrases “email marketing” and “MailChimp”. But just because these brands have become the generic trademark of their industries doesn’t mean they necessarily work for you. (Personally, I really like Puffs – it’s so soft and plushy.) After all, like every nose is different, so is every company.
mailchimp alternatives
So what’s the Puffs of email marketing?
I’ve compiled this handy list of ten MailChimp alternatives for you. Please note that I have put them in no particular order. What works well for one company, might not work at all for another. For a quick glance, check out the graphic below and for more details, keep reading.
MailChimp Comparison Chart x2 (1)

1. GetResponse

GetResponse is a feature-rich solution, as shown in the comparison graphic, andstarting at just $15 a month, it’s actually one of the few solutions on this list that comes in cheaper than MailChimp’s paid version! ($10 cheaper, to be specific.) It’s best suited for small to mid-sized companies, but it’s scalable!
What Makes It Special: GetResponse really does have a TON of features, many of which other vendors don’t even offer. The highlights:
  • Create up to five split tests (the most of any vendor I looked at)
  • A landing page creator. 
  • A specialized tool to create marketing tracks for webinars.
  • A drag-and-drop editor.
The Downsides: GetResponse’s templates do have an outdated look. Fortunately, they’re very easy to tweak. Further, some users found that GetResponse did not easily integrate with other high level software.

2. Constant Contact

11-18-2014 9-38-32 AM
Perhaps the most popular of Mailchimp alternatives, Constant Contact is a great email marketing platform for small businesses. The pricing is fairly flexible, and it’s based on how many contacts you email. Pricing starts at $20/month for up to 500 contacts and goes up from there. It’s discounted to $17 for pre-paying the whole year.
What Makes It Special: Constant Contact not only markets themselves as a solution for small business, they really deliver. They offer many, many ways for small businesses to learn about email marketing and how to use Constant Contact. Their educational resources include live and on-demand webinars, as well as live classes– day-long courses on how to use the software, held in multiple locations across North America. In addition, they work hard to make putting together emails really intuitive. One of the most interesting things they do is break their 400+ templates into industry and function.
Additionally, Constant Contact has figured out some interesting ways to integrate your email and social media campaigns. First, they have an app that allows them to integrate specially with Hootsuite, so you can do all your posting from one place. Secondly, they allow you to send out special emails that link your customers to Facebook. These emails are designed to encourage your customers to share your emails on Facebook. You can then track your success on social media right in Constant Contact.
The Downsides: Constant Contact has a couple of downsides:
  • There’s no split testing, which is unfortunate because everybody knows, marketers love to test campaigns.
  • The campaign features themselves are a little rough, particularly in the area of auto-responses.
  • Constant Contact is also one of the more expensive plans on this list. They charge $20/month for up to 500 users, which is the free level for many of the other options I’ve listed.

3. Emma

11-18-2014 9-40-29 AM
Emma is a modern email marketing system, with a pricing model that starts at $49/month for 2500 subscribers.
What Makes It Special: There are actually a number of factors that make Emma a great solution to consider for your small business:
  • Perhaps even better, Emma’s reporting features are pretty stellar. Emma not only has easy-to-read reports, Emma actually makes it easy for you to pull out actionable data from the reports.
  • One pretty neat feature is the ability Emma has to put lightbox forms on your website (those forms that pop-up when you’re reading an article asking for your email). It’s one of the most effective ways of gathering emails. (We have one. Did you leave your email to get the awesome emails I will send you filled with great information on how to find the perfect email marketing system yet?)
  • Emma also has email automation and dynamic content abilities that are wonderful for beginning automators.
The Downsides: Those custom templates I mentioned above… well, they cost extra.

4. AWeber

11-18-2014 9-41-09 AM
AWeber is an email solution for small business marketers who don’t have a lot of time to spend on their email marketing campaigns. Their pricing plans start at $19/mo for up to 500 contacts.
What Makes It Special: AWeber works really hard to live up to their claim of being the best solution for time-strapped email marketers, as I mentioned. One of the greatest ways they do this is by offering 700+ templates. This huge library of templates means you’re pretty unlikely to have to do much customization. Pretty awesome. Oh, also, they offer up to 4 split tests at one time! Major brownie points.
The Downsides: AWeber’s data import is a bit iffy. If you upload a list, customers may have to reconfirm their subscription to your list.

5. iContact

Screenshot of the homepage
iContact is geared toward businesses with a smaller email database size, as evidenced by the fact that their most expensive plan is for up to 15,000 contacts. Plans start at $14/mo for 500 contacts. If you prepay annually, you will save 15%.
What Makes It Special: iContact differentiates itself as being easy-to-use for people who have no idea how to use email marketing. And they succeed. One feature I was really impressed with was the Message Coder tool. This tool allows you to customize your email templates without having to know HTML. While most email builders have a “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor, many of the other solutions on this list only allow you to customize the actual layout of the template with HTML. iContact also provides a large amount of easy to comprehend learning material, including full length articles and live/recorded webinars.
The Downsides: Despite their focus on ease of use, iContact’s interface is fairly clunky. It lacks the streamlined, modern feel that most other solutions have today. You can check out their website (or the above screenshot of their homepage) for a preview of the interface. It’s mostly an aesthetic problem, but ultimately, it depends on your preference as a user. I suggest you sign up for a free trial first to decide for yourself.

6. Mad Mimi

Mad Mimi
This is an email created with Mad Mimi
Mad Mimi is one of the most affordable email marketing solution available today. Their plans start at $10/month for 500 contacts. They also have a free plan that gives you storage for up to 100 subscribers. They’re even willing to customize a plan for you. For the full run down on their pricing plans, compare the various packages on Mad Mimi’s website.
What Makes It Special: I LOVE Mad Mimi. And they deserve my love for a couple of reasons.
  • They have insanely awesome customer service. I say this from personal experience. I chatted with all of the vendors on this list that offer an IM feature on their site. Only Mad Mimi’s representative (Brad, I think?) responded in a friendly manner. Further, he was the most helpful of all the representatives I chatted with. For this reason alone, Mad Mimi earned my eternal love.
  • Emails you send with Mad Mimi are 100% customizable, and it’s really easy to modify them. No HTML knowledge necessary. Just design away.
  • This solution is super simple, which makes it ideal for beginning email marketers. Create your emails and send them out.
The Downsides: For a start, Mad Mimi’s emails are 100% customizable because they don’t have any templates. But Brad assured me that this wasn’t an issue because you have access to a large gallery of stock photos, and the emails are really easy to build. The other big thing is that Mad Mimi has no ability to split test. Ouch.

7. SendInBlue

SendInBlue has a super flexible pricing plan, as well. They have eight plans, including a free version that sends up to 9,000 emails a month, that run the gamut for any business size. Their first paid package is $7.37/month for 40,000 emails/month. None of their plans have a limit on contacts.
What Makes It Special: SendInBlue is a bit of a dark horse – it’s not a very well known solution, but everyone who uses it seems to love it. SendInBlue’s pricing, as I said, is really awesome, especially because they make it fairly customizable for your business size. Also, if you’re looking for an easy uploader, SendInBlue is your go-to solution. SendInBlue makes uploading contact lists super easy.
The Downsides: The biggest one I could find is that while SendInBlue does allow you to embed social media sharing buttons in your emails, they make it a little difficult. You have to put all the social media buttons they have in the template, regardless of whether or not you use that platform.

8. SimplyCast

SimplyCast has a free plan for up to 2000 contacts and unlimited emails. The next plan up is just $10/month – making SimplyCast a really good solution for a small business.
What Makes It Special: SimplyCast has great reporting functionality. The reporting was built for someone who is not very familiar with email marketing, so it’s extremely easy to set up and understand.
The Downsides: The only big downside to SimplyCast is that the customer service can be iffy. If you have the free plan, you only have access to 30 days of customer service via phone. Other plans have unlimited access via phone, but only during business hours. If you send an email, they do try to get to you within 24 hours, though. The chat feature is rough,  and can go for hours unanswered.

9. ActiveCampaign

A view of ActiveCampaign's template folder
A view of ActiveCampaign’s template folder
ActiveCampaign is a great option for any business size. They offer an extremely flexible pricing plan for any business, from small to enterprise. Prices start at just $9/mo for 500 contacts.
What Makes It Special:
  • ActiveCampaign’s email management abilities are all-around solid, from the split testing to the functionality to create special date-based campaigns. (You can send customer birthday emails, for instance!)
  • And as another plus, ActiveCampaign makes it seriously simple to upload contacts. In fact, they are the only solution I found that allows you to sync your contact info from a third party program, like your company’s CRM.
  • They also have a phenomenal drag-and-drop interface.
The Downsides: Active Campaign’s list-building tool is rough. It does not allow you to split or merge lists easily.

10. Freshmail

Freshmail's Template Folder
Freshmail’s Template Folder
Freshmail is the perfect solution for experienced email marketers who are ready for a little bit of marketing automation action. Freshmail teeters on the edge of email marketing and marketing automation software, and ultimately, I’d place it as an extremely lightweight marketing automation solution. However, it’s on this list because it’s extraordinarily well-priced. At $14/mo for 1,000 subscribers it can easily compete price-wise with any of the other systems. Freshmail’s pricing scheme is very flexible and also features a pay-as-you go option, starting at $7 for 1,000 emails. Freshmail even has a freemium plan! For absolutely nothing, you get unlimited emails to 500 contacts! And Freshmail only gets sweeter as we dive into the details.
What makes it special: Reviewers love Freshmail for a number of reasons:
  • You can import contacts from any other service. .CSV, Gmail, your CRM. All of them.
  • Because it’s a lightweight marketing automation system, you can automate email tracks, and use dynamic content. Hot dog!
  • You can import your own templates to Freshmail, or export Freshmail templates to customize in whatever programs you choose to use.
  • Freshmail can create barcodes to send out in emails, making it perfect for retailers looking to send out discounts.
  • And they A/B test!
The Downsides: Overall, there is very little that reviewers complain about. The largest con is that Freshmail is not really a good system for first-time email marketers. All its features can make it difficult to navigate for someone who has never sent an email campaign.

11. Campayn

Campayn is competitively priced, with their first paid plan coming in at $10/month for 1,000 subscribers. They have a pay-as-you-go plan that starts at $50 for 5,000 emails. Additionally, they have a freemium plan: 20,000 emails to 500 subscribers.
What makes it special: Campayn has the ability to embed sign-up forms for subscribers on your website, which makes it easy to collect emails from visitors.Reviews also mention that the service has a phenomenal customer service team who helped minimize issues that could have been potentially serious. An example mentioned was that the reviewer had trouble importing contacts, so the customer service agent actually took his list and did it for him!
The Downsides:
  • Obviously, as mentioned above, it does seem to be a bit tricky to import contacts, but the customer service team will solve that problem for you.
  • Campayn can get pricey. The plans I mentioned above are good for one user. To add multiple users to your plan, you actually have to separately purchase multi-user accounts. They start at $39/month for 15 people. (The good news about that is you’d have to be a very large business to need more than 15 users.) That means, a plan for 10,000 subscribers and three users (a very normal amount of subscribers/users) comes to a whopping $79/month.

12. Mailerlite

12-17-2015 1-23-30 PM
Mailerlite is the cheapest solution on this list. When paid annually, you can send an unlimited amount of emails to 5,000 subscribers for $6.66! (When paid monthly, it’s $10.) Its free plan is also the most generous on this list, at unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers.
What makes it special: Mailerlite is perfect for first time email marketers. As its name suggests, it’s extremely lightweight, with a focus on making it easy to create and send out an email. It has a drag-and-drop editor, with a built in photo editor. Mailerlite has A/B testing, basic autoresponse capabilities and the ability to embed sign-up forms on your website. Additionally, they have an iPad sign-up app, so that you can gather emails in person.
The downsides: As mentioned, Mailerlite is extremely lightweight. If Freshmail is for experienced marketers, Mailerlite is for first-time senders. Furthermore, there is a likelihood that as you get more experienced, Mailerlite will have difficulty keeping up with your abilities.


So those are my suggestions for the top ten Mailchimp alternatives to consider for your small business. Do you use any of the above, or do you prefer the tried-and-true, Mailchimp? Or is there another email marketing solution I’ve missed here? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

25 Best Email Autoresponders to Setup Followup Messages

Auto-responders play a very important role inEmail Marketing and newsletter broadcasting. We can send emails or updates to the subscribers automatically without the need to login to the email account. We can use Autoresponders to send a welcome email or a greetings email or login details for the membership site setup.
We can even send an email through our email system when someone clicks on a particular link, and the link forwards the Autoresponder newsletter. We have different Autoresponder service but all have the same procedure to setup automated response.
  • To create and manage the Autoresponders go to “Lists” in particular service
  • Select the mailing list we need to create auto-responder for
  • Now click on the “Autoresponder” link from the List Options.
  • It will direct us to the Autoresponders settings page follow the instructions carefully and save it.
This will take you to the Autoresponder creation page where we will need to define the Autoresponder name, messages and the schedule to send the Autoresponder. We can also have to create our Autoresponder email which will be sent to the subscriber.
We have number of Autoresponder service providers I have listed 25 best Autoresponders for membership site creation, Product launch funnel setup and other email marketing techniques.

1. Aweber Autoresponder Service

Aweber is one of the top Autoresponder service providers. It is widely known by all the internet marketer and product owners. The main feature it has a very reliable service at very formal rates. This is a great option if you really want a professional Autoresponder that is famous among the people. Currently aWeber offering a $1 trial for one month here we can test out the full features of the Autoresponder service. It is strongly suggested that you watch the Video Tutorials on Aweber before you decide to sign up any Autoresponder service.

aWeber Autoresponder Service

2. MailChimp Autoresponder Service

MailChimp is another popular email marketing and Autoresponder service. It is the free service for initially we can send 12 email broadcasts per month. Once we have reached the certain number in MailChimp account it will charge for monthly charges.
MailChimp helps us setup email newsletters and follow up message and integrate its services to the membership sites we already use, and we can track the results. It’s like the own web publishing platform.

MailChimp Autoresponder Service

3. iContact Autoresponder Service

iContact is another popular Autoresponder service its prices are very competitive and definitely worth considering. We can take a 30-day free trial to verify the email Autoresponder and newsletter service.
Every online marketer knows how improtant is to maintain an email marketing list to promote products and services. iContact has plans for marketers to get it done with their list. No matter about the list size, we have options to sent the newsletters with 99 percent delivery and real-time reporting & tracking.

iContact Autoresponder Service

 4. Constant Contact Autoresponder Service

Constant Contact email services provide easy to use service the Autoresponder service. They provide an email marketing service with 400+ customizable newsletter templates .And also it has the option to insert text HTML code into the emails for special formatting.
It has a 60-day-free-trial with this email marketing service. Constant Contact also offers extra features like videos, images, blog content, Autoresponders, surveys and newsletters.

Constant Contact Autoresponder Service

 5. Get Response Autoresponder Service

Get response provides free Autoresponder with Advertisements. Get Response is probably the most powerful Autoresponders among others. We can send personalized marketing messages and follow up messages and newsletter services. Free trial is also available in get response Autoresponder system.

Get Response Autoresponder Service

6. 1Shopping Cart Autoresponder Service

This is an all-in-one marketing solution apart from the Autoresponder services they provide. They offer an email marketing platform with better delivery and it has a built-in shopping cart and can set up affiliate promotions and payment options also. It is a good service for the people who want o use Autoresponder service with payment options.

1Shoppingcart Autoresponder Service

7. Infusion Soft Autoresponder Service

Infusion soft email marketing services makes our sales and marketing simple. It has many options to send newsletters and sales letters by bringing together. It is a simple system which built exclusively for small businesses. This infusion soft Autoresponder system has news letter tracking and subscriber management also.

Infusion soft Autoresponder Service

8. Interspire Autoresponder Service Service

Interspire Email Marketing supports unlimited autoresponders and email broadcasting service that can be used to automatically sent emails to the subscribers at specified time in the auto responders. Emails can be sent based on subscriber preferences such as age, sex and location, and everything is done using the interspire autoresponder system.

Interspire Autoresponder Service

9. PLR Newsletters Autoresponder Service

PLR Newsletters provides high quality, customizable news letter service provider. It is useful email marketing service for the content in hot niches, we can plug in to any Autoresponder with a few clicks of mouse. Easily build multiple responsible opt-in lists with this Autoresponder system.

PLR newsletters Autoresponder Service

10. Auto Response Plus Autoresponder Service

Auto Response Plus is one of the best sequential Autoresponder software. It is easy to use and install the Autoresponder integration with the customer website. It can provide faster automated follow up messages for the product launch funnel setup and we can easily setup newsletters with this email marketing system.

AutoresponderPlus Autoresponder Service

11. Sendfree Autoresponder Service

It is a Free Autoresponder service, also doubles up as a free targeted email advertising tool for its customer. We can also get to place Free Ads in other Member’s Autoresponders. We can setup follow up messages easily with this system.

Sendfree Autoresponder Service

12. MailiGen Autoresponder Service

This is a feature rich Autoresponder and email marketing system. It has the ability to build multiple subscriber lists, create and send newsletters, It has the options to survey the subscribers and analyze results for optimum performance.  It comes up with 30 day free trial.

Mailigen Autoresponder Service

13. List wire Autoresponder Service

Listwire is one of theFREE autoresponder and internet marketing service on the web.  Listwire can meet all strategies of email marketing and newsletter needs and automated follow up email setup options.  It makes effective email marketing simple. Listwire has many features like subscriber management and email autoresponder system that makes it easy to create, and send effective email marketing campaigns.

Listwire Autoresponder Service

14. QuickTell Autoresponder Service

QuickTell  is another email Autoresponder service it has taken the pre-programed follow-up method to new level and created a new leader in this field. For $20 per month, we can have unlimited Autoresponders with up to 20 follow-up messages per Autoresponder list. Also included, a daily log we can easily track the traffic.

Quicktell Autoresponder Service

15. Traffic wave Autoresponder Service

Traffic wave is another Email Marketing and AutoResponders service provider to build a successful online business. It comes up to the market with 30 day free trial for its full features usages. Find out what thousands of businesses around the world are discovering and make your business to be sucessfull.

Traffic wave Autoresponder Service

16. 1MerchantCart Autoresponder Service

1MerchantCart is a complete merchant solution with Autoresponder service. It has other feature for the merchants shopping cart, affiliate system, email management, product management, ad trackers and much more. All features in one system 1MerchantCart eCommerce Suite have combined all of the most powerful tools for an online business into one amazing business package.

1Merchantcart Autoresponder Service

17. Email Aces Autoresponder Service

Using Email Aces works like most other Autoresponder services, providing vital and important email marketing functions to Internet marketers. And the process automated and simple. The code used by Email Aces is their own code. This is one of the cheapest and one of the most professional Autoresponders. They have many schemes for any budget.

Email Ace Autoresponder Service

18. Vertical Response Autoresponder Service

Vertical Response has been around since 2001 handling email marketing and Autoresponders for customers worldwide, almost eleven years now. They pride themselves on their client friendly email marketing service and their flexibility when interacting with clients. Using Vertical Response, We can build an email marketing and Autoresponder list to perfectly meet our needs.

Vertical Response Autoresponder Service

19. SimplyCast Autoresponder Service

It has free and paid version of Autoresponder service get up to 1000 subscribers to keep in the free mode beyond the limit they will charge the customer. Features include Form Processing  in landing page, Online Form Builder, Autoresponder, and easy integration into existing members only site.

SimplyCast Autoresponder Service

20. Office autopilot Autoresponder Service

OfficeAutopilot is another real Autoresponder tool with blogging boggling features and Autoresponder service. The site is very user friendly and they get high performence. Apart from sending emails, we can set up post cards and can make pre-recorded phone calls. You can also process orders through their shopping cart. This awesome service does not come cheap but you can have a free trial in office auo pilot.

Office Autopilot Autoresponder Service

21. Turbo Respond Autoresponder Service

Turbo Respond is one of the leading and top professional Autoresponder and email marketing service available on the Internet. Every successful Internet Marketer and affiliate markets relies on Autoresponders to market their products and services to the customer via their email list. It has the features like newsletter broadcasting, Autoresponder emails and tracking system.

Turbo Respond Autoresponder Service

22. Mail Machine Pro Autoresponder Service

Mail Machine Pro is another Autoresponder system used in small businesses to stay connected with their customers and clients through edge email marketing technology. Our software makes it easy to manage mailing lists and create, send and track email newsletters and autoresponders.

Mailmachine Pro Autoresponder Service

23. Var Pro Autoresponder Service

The VarPro System is a complete autoresponder hosting solution, an all in one server-side software application. With VarPro you can host Free and Fee Based Autoresponders for the websites and landing pages. Many email marketers and internet marketer uses the Varpro auto responder system for their conversion on sales funnel.

24. Real Reply Autoresponder Service

RealReply pro autoresponder system also acts as a list manager and ad tracking system for the email marketing and newsletter broadcasting. It allows us to send 10 personalized follow up messages automatically to the subscriber so we can improve the sales conversion by these type of autoresonders.

RealReply Autoresponder Service

25. EZ-Response Autoresponder Service

Now we can send unlimited follow up emails with file attachments automatically from a domain of your own by EZ-Response autoresponder service.  We can setup many automated sequential letters as per our requirements and send them at the interval we specified in the Autoresponder system. Unlimited autoresponders, unlimited follow ups, unlimited users.

Ez Response Autoresponder Service


Autoresponders are a great way to automatically contact the subscribers, without having to physically appearance and write an email to each and every one of them. We have 25 different auto responder service providers in the above list.
The autoresponders automatically send a follow up email to customers who have subscribed newsletter in your website or from a landing page.
We can create and send an email course to the subscribers. Also we can schedule the course to be emailed over different days. For example, we could send our subscriber a new email every Monday or even a new email every day by the autoresponder system.
Send different emails to our subscribers automatically based on their preferences and their requirements by the autoresponder subscriber management options. Add if you know some other auoreponders to the list and Share your thoughts in comments Section.